Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Tea: Seriously?

A cup of tea has become more of an event than a beverage in our home. I think this all started when we volunteered to host an Afternoon Tea once for the car club we belonged to in Minnesota. Once, we volunteered to do it once. Somehow though, and I'm not entirely sure how, we ended up hosting that tea every year. How do these things happen? Did I mention we volunteered for it once?

That first time was not exactly a pleasure. Over 50 people showed up and we only had two kettles to boil the water. GAH! And of course we didn't have enough teapots for all the different teas we were serving. A couple of other people brought a few teapots which helped. But one of those borrowed teapots, which was quite a lovely teapot, got chipped. The owner of said teapot was NOT pleased.

When the next year rolled around and we found ourselves hosting the tea again, no one offered to bring teapots. jeez. It must have been about that same time our collection of teapots started. Although we've always served tea from a teapot, the difference now is deciding which one to use! We take our tea seriously; the water must be boiled, the tea must steep and we prefer a cup and saucer to a mug. Our Tea Rules may be traditional but our teapots are not! How about a look at some of my favorites?

The Cow Jumped Over the Moon
This is one of a few whimsical tea sets
that we used at Elsie's 8th birthday party
and, yes, it was a Tea Party!

Alice in Wonderland
is used often!
It's a favorite of ours as well as our visitors.
(for a clearer image, click on the photo)

Aussie Suitcase
We bought this teapot in Australia.
It brings back many fond memories.
I love the animals tucked in and around it!

Betty Boop
is just for display.
This is a perfect example of a will definitely drip spout!

We use this one nearly everyday!
It's particularly special to me
because it reminds me of Minnesota.

English Rose
Long before our collection of teapots started,
I collected teacups.
This is one of the first in my collection.
The teapot came later!

The Piano
The sheet music on the teapot is Tea for Two
and the piano bench holds sugar cubes.
Perfect spout by the way!
We don't use this one often
it is my favorite!

We eventually got the hang of hosting the tea for the car club. It also turned out to be a great way to have fun with our expanding teapot collection. Sadly, the car club annual tea stopped when we moved to France. I think someone needs to volunteer. Just once, of course.

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