Friday, June 01, 2007

Full House

Visiting friends, family and B&B guests have been keeping me happily occupied. Well, okay, the laundry and such does not fall under the happiness sort of busy…more like a gotta do it thing. And just when I’m thinking, why am I doing this?, B&B guests give me these flowers!

It’s not just the flowers. (although that helps *S*) It’s the time we have with family and friends and meeting new people via the B&B. It’s the leisurely meals in our home; sitting around the table with people from around the globe, sharing life adventures or tales of the day, laughing, and yes, even the occasional singing that may happen after a glass or three of wine.
(Antipo may remember that!)

I’m still learning the B&B language. I now know that a small dog is the size of a Labrador, or larger. And a well behaved dog is attending dog obedience training. There’s also B&B guest trivia to learn. A cup of coffee for many Americans equals one pot. Most Australians really do like Vegemite (I thought it was just Tony) and most Brits are the easiest to please (either that or maybe they’re just remarkably polite).

This B&B business is a lot of work sometimes but more than anything else, it’s fun. And when the fun stops, I’m locking the doors!
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