Wednesday, May 02, 2007


It was just a year ago that my face was smiling all across this countryside for 2 months and for no other reason than being an American living in Brittany. About the time I got used to seeing this magazine cover EVERYWHERE I went, it was replaced with the next issue. Eventually the ‘cover girl’ experience was over.

Or so I thought.

Tony and I had a meeting with a Notaire this week. When we walked into the reception area to wait for our appointment, one other couple was seated there. We sat opposite them and a large coffee table separated us. We exchanged smiles and a bonjour. Neat stacks of magazines were piled across the table. And there it was. I mean, there I was. In plain view and on top of one of the magazine stacks. I glanced at the couple and saw the woman look at me, look at the magazine, look back at me, back at the magazine and then she took her hand to her mouth and whispered something to her partner. Any guess as to what she might have whispered?

I suppose one day I’ll be in an antique shop and this magazine will be for sale there. GAH!

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