Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Our Moles: The Saga Continues

It’s been nearly a year since our Mole Battle begun. They have now taken over the garden. The stubby beer bottle method did not work. The moles are not supposed to like the sound made when the wind blows across the top of the empty bottles. Instead, I think our moles enjoyed tipping the bottles over and taking a good slurp of those last few drops of brew. We tried some foul smelling pellets. Apparently our moles thought the scent was sweet. We put the garden hose underground and ran it for a few days. It seems that our moles took pleasure in having a private swimming pool. Evidently we created a Resort for Moles: beer, aromatherapy and whirlpool.

We don’t want to harm these little critters, we just want them to find a new holiday spot. Although, at this time, I think they’ve gone beyond holiday and have taken up residence. I hate to admit this, but our next attempt at eviction involved explosives. Which eliminated a few but obviously not the actively reproducing…

Last ditch effort: The Mole Man. He came over this week to have a look. He shook his head in a way that made my heart sink. ''It’s bad. Real bad.'' He’s going to gas them out. Eek! Will it work? Watch this space!
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