Monday, May 21, 2007

The Butcher, The Baker, A Candlestick Maker

Not the prettiest boulangerie in the area...
pictured above is what our boulangerie used to look like.
(insert yawn here)
Imagine our surprise when saw the transformation...
(wow! here)

It was a rare occasion that I had both my camera and Tony...
mighty good of him to give us a pose!

When we were in the talking stage of moving to France,
we had walking distance to the bakery on our wish list.
Got it!
The butcher is within walking distance too.
Don't you think we should have a candlestick maker?

A lot of my pleasure of living here is from the simplest things. I enjoy strolling around the village and now, at long last, saying bonjour to familiar faces and local friends. And note that I stroll rather than walk. Well, okay, sometimes I walk-walk but I have more fun poking around slowly.

We joke about living in the center of the village: The Other Picadilly Circus. Not really, of course, but it is where most people congregate and conversation there can be quite animated. We can certainly stay on top of the gossip, um, I mean, news, by living in this spot.

Now about those moles. The Mole Man was here last week for the first of who-knows-how-many 'eviction' treatments. I can tell you that the first treatment did absolutely positively nothing at all. In fact, I think we have more moles. And enough gas in our ground that I'm actually frightened to light a match out there. Although....maybe a match is not such a bad idea.
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