Thursday, June 07, 2007

Experiencing Time

The MOB dress saga continues.
Although I think the Bride and I have agreed on this or something similar:

The final decision, and purchase (!) will hopefully happen when I visit Brooklyn in September.

Having children 13 years apart has been cause for awkward moments, or, what I have called crossed eyed parenting because their life stages have been so different. I remember when Mindi was learning how to drive a car, Elsie was learning how to use the toilet. And when Mindi went to university, Elsie started Kindergarten. Elsie is now entering adolescence and Mindi is planning her wedding. I have often experienced the measurement of time by the life stages of my daughters.

Maybe that's why it didn't seem so odd when the memory of My First Kiss came back into my life this week. okay, I'm not gonna lie about it: that First Kiss happened a very long time ago and so my memory may not be all that clear but, truly, who doesn't remember their first kiss?

At a birthday party, in a small Brittany village, I met the Mother of the boy who shared that first kiss with me. What was really odd about meeting her was that we were meeting in Brittany and that the world really must be small for that to happen. Here we were, a group of Minnesotans, sipping champagne in Brittany and chatting about my old stomping ground.

Time moves backwards, forward and sometimes stays still. Time can be a strange thing. It's constant and steady and yet moves around and through me differently day by day. I suppose that's the experience of time. Looking back at the first kiss and all that surrounded it, looking ahead to one daughters wedding and being present in another daughters adolescence...having had a life in America and creating a life in France...time may be free, but it is priceless.
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