Friday, May 04, 2007

A Change of Scenery

We're off to our holiday cottage and, weather permitting,
I'll be seated at this table
with a great book, a refreshing beverage and not a care in the world!
No school on Tuesday and Wednesday
will stretch out our weekend...
although Monday may be a bit of a nuisance as we'll have to drive Elsie to school and back...
an hour each way...
my gawd, what a *cough* hard life.

In the evenings,
you'll find me next to the fireplace...
still reading, of course!,
but now I'm watching Tony here:

This is the kitchen, right? Not being a cook, I can't be entirely sure of that. I do recall glancing at Tony here doing something with food and then presenting meals so I figure maybe there is a connection. Maybe...
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