Thursday, April 12, 2007

A Memorable Departure

Leave it to one of our Minnesota friends, K., to depart Brittany in a memorable manner.

While waiting for their train, his wife departed to use the toilet. A 30 cent toilet, of course. The kind made entirely of metal and, after each use, a 'sanitizing' spray shoots around the loo. Very civilized. But I digress. ANYWAY, Tony suggested that K. go in after his wife and save the additional 30 cents. (Being the penny pinchers that we are, we do this often).

K. didn't jump at the idea. He gave it some thought. Maybe he was wondering about the 30 cent savings? Eventually he followed his wife and went in when she was done. Meanwhile, his wife, Tony and I stood on the platform waiting. More people gathered at the platform for the train. K. seemed to be gone for a long time.

And then it happened. A knock. A knock against metal. Slowly, steadily, picking up the pace to a rapid non-stop knocking, louder and heavier...uh-oh and yes, it's K. Locked in the loo. Being sprayed by disinfectant. Tony was laughing so hard he couldn't move. His wife didn’t believe it. I went to the loo door, searching for 30 cents to open the door and offering reassurance to K. that we would get him out. (note: it's quite a challenge to find 30 cents quickly with all that laughter going on…mine and the other 20 some people on the platform)

K. got out. He was sanitized.

No one else needed the loo. But we did need to change our pants.
(too much laughter!)

that was the best 30 cents I ever spent!
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