Monday, July 09, 2007

Wine Country

I knew we were out of Brittany territory
when the hydrangeas were no longer in view
and fields of sunflowers
stretched out for miles ahead of us.
And even though the sky
did not promise us much sun,
it was an exciting mark
to the beginning of our little wine country holiday!

I won't bore you with ALL the photos I took of vineyards,
but I must post a couple of them!

These grapes will be ready for harvest in September.
Maybe you - or I - will actually drink these one day!

A little disappointing that many of the vineyards did not offer tours this time of year. But we did manage to have a private tour at Chateau Calon. (not intentionally private, we were just the only ones to request a tour that day) The proprietaire spent more than a couple of hours with us giving the tour, answering my ba-zillion questions and of course tasting many different wines. Apparently Chateau Calon is of modest size producing 300,000 bottles of wine each year. 50 people are hired at time of harvest and work picking the grapes for about 4 weeks.

We bought waaaaaay more wine than I thought we would...shall we suffer in silence? Ha! What a great experience though! I am now feeling inspired to be a Wine Snob. That is if a Wine Snob is one who thinks she knows loads about wine but of course knows not much at all. That's me. And I can swirl without spilling some of the time, sniff without snorting most of the time and occasionally sip fairly well without too much slurping.

Now I just need to know this:
who has the corkscrew for this bottle of wine?

Sunday July 15th -
Another holiday for us this week...'tis a hard life in France, oui?
See you all next week!
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