Friday, June 29, 2007

Knock Knock!

Doors have often been a wonderful metaphor in my life.
I grew up hearing
when one door closes, another door opens...
which gave me hope
for another possibility.
Sometimes I wonder if I missed some doors along the way.
Missed opportunities perhaps?
Of course there have been doors
in my life
that felt very difficult
to open.
Eventually I got through.
Or, sometimes, I found a different door.

There have also been doors
I wanted to go through
but did not.
Maybe I will.

The other side
may be
even a bonus of windows
may only offer
partial view.

There are
so many doors
so many opportunities
in life
to contemplate.
What door would you like to open?

Next week we'll be in the Bordeaux region for a quick holiday. opportunity to taste this space!

Photography by Pam -location Auray, Brittany
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