Tuesday, July 31, 2007

37 Things

I prefer to use pencils. Must be sharp with a good eraser.

I went to Harvard for 20 minutes. Bought two pencils there. (good erasers)

Never had a broken bone.

Touch wood.

I’m a little superstitious.

I had a professional golf lesson. Once.

Bazooka bubble gum is a very good memory.

You’re a great friend if you like my humor.

I hate my struggle with learning the French language.

I’ve taken beginning tennis lessons more than once. Lots more.

My husband and I dated after our wedding.

My family says “Listen!” a lot.

I was the first female crossing guard at my grade school.

I dress for comfort more than style.

I often laugh in my dreams.

I don’t like to swim but I love being near water.

My husband is my best friend.

I want to buy shoes in Italy.

With matching handbags!

I’ve had 13 employers.

Now I am self employed.

My first wage was $1.85 hour.

The first thing I baked for my husband was banana bread.

Turns out he hates bananas.

He married me anyway.

My husband loves raw oysters.

I don’t.

I married him anyway.

I still take hand-me-downs from my sister.

Or anyone else that offers.

Whale watching with Mom and sister: Mom threw-up, sister kept her eyes closed and no one took pictures. It’s a memory.

I did hand modeling at age 19.

Didn’t like it.

Most people don’t know that I have co-piloted an airplane.

I saw Elvis Presley perform in Minnesota. 1976.

Still have the admission stub.

I had a relentless case of the giggles at my wedding rehearsal.
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