Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!

I think I may have had a brain hiccup. Sometime this week, I’m not sure when and it probably doesn’t matter, I developed an odd fixation about preparing the stuffing for Thanksgiving. I found myself searching for recipes…reading them at high speed, thinking, ''hey!, I can do this!'' There’s the hiccup folks. Me? Cook? Have I gone completely crazy?

Next thing I know I’m printing off what I (desperately) hope is an adequate, no, make that The Best Ever stuffing recipe. A twinge of fear dashes through me but I dismiss it just as quickly as it appears. Perhaps another wave of crazy, who knows?

I’m taking a long time at the grocery store. Even though I don’t cook, I do eat. And I know good food is a result of good ingredients. I fight a bit of paralysis in my arm when I reach for the produce items… how do I know these are fresh? This is getting ridiculous. (actually it already IS ridiculous)

Tony convinces me to prepare the stuffing the day before Thanksgiving. (okay, if it turns out to be a bowl of The Cat Won’t Eat It, Tony can save the day on Thanksgiving and give it another go. I sigh with some sense of relief. Maybe I’m not too crazy after all.

I carefully gather all the ingredients, double check that I have everything. I don’t. I don’t have the walnuts. I remember not everyone likes walnuts. Hey, I have fresh almonds! (so, okay, not everyone likes almonds but that’s what I have so get over it) Wow. I suddenly feel what must be Chef Power. Step aside…I’m holding a rather sharp knife and scare myself…just a little.

By the time I have slowly - and I do mean slowly - cut, chopped, peeled, prepared all the ingredients, Tony enters the kitchen. He makes tea and kindly offers me a cup. I, of course, dramatically wipe my brow with the back of my hand and accept the offer. I must admit he looks uncertain about what to do. Tony sits at the kitchen table, occasionally tapping his fingers, mumbling something that sounds like, I’ve never seen you cook. I smile. Just now I realize HE has to do the dishes I've just used doing this cooking. Heh heh.

The stuffing looks pretty. It tastes surprisingly good. Elsie keeps pinching another taste. I think I feel like a Chef. I’m not washing up!

I took the bowl of stuffing out of the frig this morning. Still looks pretty. Still tastes good. Real good. Bring on the guests!

Have I caught the cooking bug? Nah, I don’t think so. Not yet anyway. We know that life is full of surprises and, believe me, this little cooking escapade of mine was a big surprise! I’m all grins today. I hope you are too!

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!
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