Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Fifty Eight Euros & Forty Seven Cents

Seems we have 'adopted' a kitty!

This kitty sat at our front door Saturday looking like a baby, appearing rather scruffy and definitely lost. Tony and I took him in for just a little TLC and next thing we know, he's taken over our attention, kitchen, and everything else! We never planned on having a cat...but, as many of you know: Man Plans, God Laughs.

Even though we still had doubts about keeping the cat, we took him to the vet yesterday and with the tune of 58.47 euros quickly escaping our bank account, the cat suddenly became, without a doubt, OURS.

Well....Elsie is sooooo very happy. Apparently cats live 15-18 years, or more? So I'm thinking Elsie better enroll in a university that takes cats!!!!

Named Francis by Elsie, he is about 6 weeks old and, so far, he has been a delightful little addition around here. Problem is we are ''not too bright'' about kitty care. Any tips or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
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