Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Sassy MOB

The MOB dress has been purchased!
APPLAUSE APPLAUSE...thank you very much.

Picture it: MOB, along with Bride, casually saunter into Macy's full of confidence and complete knowledge of The Perfect Dress. Not. I was a cross-eyed mess. Too many choices; too frumpy or Prom-mie or frilly or size zero-ey (btw, who wears size zero at my age?) We quickly ditched the MOB dress section and zoomed on over to formal wear. We passed the long dresses and did a sweep over knee length dresses. Loads of black dresses that had me singing ''I love these!'' ...but, hey, do I really want to wear black to my daughters wedding? sigh. I would have been HOT. (okay, slightly embarrassed, probably, but HOT). So the Bride gently tugged (I'm sure she didn't mean to leave a bruise) on my arm and we went on to fill our arms and shoulders with dresses in a rainbow of colors. On to the dressing room. First dress, in a word, YUK. Second dress, in a word, SASSY. This is IT! I'll be sassy! Bride loved it. I loved it. On to the cashier, payment made and Done! In less than 30 minutes, I bought my MOB dress and did I mention it is sassy? Now y'all are going to have to wait for photos, but don't worry, the wedding is just another 227 days!

Do you think we bought the MOB dress in record time?
Perhaps I should contact Guinness World Records.......
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